Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicago to Boston Part 1

After landing in Chicago about an hour late (summer storms delayed our arrival), I jumped on the L and headed downtown. Chicago is pretty gross in the summer, but I was happy to find out that their trains and buses have A/C.

I got off in the downtown area and explored a bit.

I found an art store and picked up a miniature sized sketch book and some Micron pens for sketching. I knew I'd want to draw at the sculpture park I was hoping to find on my walk. After checking out Reckless Records and sorting through a great collection of used vinyl, I picked up a vegetarian (awesome, right?) Chicago style hot dog.

I finally found Millenium Park and found a spot to people watch near the Crown Fountain. The pillars of Crown Fountain are composed of LED screens that project the faces of Chicago residents. Their faces change expression and spit water on visiting children every half hour or so.

My mom's cousins picked me up and took me on the famous "Art Spooner Tour of Chicago!"

Art and Sher showed me Hyde Park, the site of The University of Chicago as well as Obama's house which is guarded by several men with guns (they don't allow you to take pictures or slow down in your car) so I don't have a picture of that. We eventually headed toward the water and checked out an incredible view of the Chicago skyline.

The site of the first human-made self-sustaining nuclear fission reaction. A few Vonnegut quotes crept into my head.

Frank Lloyd Wright's house where I admired his work and learned about what a spectacularly responsible and loving family man he was!

The crickets there are so loud they sound like fire alarms. Listen:

Speaking of bugs, I got to see fireflies for the first time that night. We ended the evening with a Chicago style dessert. I ordered Watermelon and Cantaloupe- very refreshing.

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